Totally Huge

The Tura Totally Huge New Music Festival is in full swing in Perth. Fantastic events of new music in the form of ensembles, electronics, projections and installations. These have mostly taken place in the museum, I just returned from Ensemble Offspring performing with Pimmon, improvising and playing Stockhausen's Kontakte. Amazing stuff.

We have also had some great artist talks and performances from Camilla Hannan, Thembi Sodell and Tarab who have interesting takes on field recordings, performing and electronic music in general.

I had my work, Hypnogenia performed on Monday night, and performed laptop with viola and cello in Kelly Curran's minimalist composition. All in all I am exhausted but having a great time, trying to support the festival as best I can.

This Friday my installation work Threads is premiering at free range gallery, an artist-run, not-for-profit gallery space. This has been included in the festival which I am thrilled about. I didn't mean for the event to take place during the festival programming, but I hope having it draws more people into the festival schedule of events and sound installations.

Finally just a few more images I have been creating lately.

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