Just put the pillow under my head

Ok News.

Finished university work, for now.

Finished Dance Score first run through. The dance work is very good and I am proud of how it has come out, hopefully the final touches to the music will give it a really close audio/visual relationship. I will post some audio from this up soon.

Recordings for first solo release. This is really exciting, I have begun work on this, it will be an acousmatic electronic feast. More news soon.

Japan Tour! - this is planned for December this year, more news soon.

Revel8 - Super8 film competition, part of the Revelations International Film Festival. I have scored films in this for many years, winning "Best Soundtrack" in 2007. Great competition. This year's theme is Audacity.

In other film festival news, the video I created for The Vice Chancellor's song "We Are Your Gods" is featuring in the show Music Camera which is curated by Cat Hope and Andrew Ewing. A catalogue of the weird, great and unusual relationships between music and video from the years of Perth music.


Critical Listening / Club Zho 85

Last night Club Zho 85 was presented by Tura New Music and Meupe at the Ellington.The performances were based in the electronic / experimental realm and all featured sets of singular pieces, composed what seemed like semi-improvised electro-acoustic sounds. The artists were M. Rosner + Greg Taw, Paul Fiocco + Tristan Parr and finally Seaworthy member Cameron Webb.

Each artist featured looping and electronic manipulation as a key feature, all with field recordings and gradually building structures. M Rosner's set was particularly minimal, very cautiously approaching each sound. Tiptoeing around carefully, while very sparsely interacting with some cymbals splatters and camouflaged computer looping.

Paul Fiocco and Tristan Parr used mainly contact microphone'd cymbals and objects along with looped cello. The mass of sound was intriguing, it built up and stayed constant, but shifted and melted throughout to create multitudes of movement. Mixed in with field recordings, this was a very powerful set.

Cameron Webb performed with a projection consisting of a slideshow of location pictures, and utilized sparse field recordings of birds and co. mixed in with looped guitar. I could only describe the music as very 'nostalgic' which I do find odd as I have no direct connection to the sounds and images, other than the medium. However the music was subtle and transforming, evolving in the end to a blissful epiphany of tonal noise.

These electronic performances all drove a hard line towards listening durations and each approached temporal sampling in different ways. The obviousness of a minimal, rigorously constructed sound mass is much too appealing for some, and leaves the listeners happy. I still question what else can be done with electro-acoustic music, but the methods and compositions are strong and these performances help me to take note of what is happening now, and how this can be used differently, if not possibly improved upon.

I highly recommend Paul Fiocco's album Torsions and Drifts available from Meupe
Seaworthy's 1897 can be found on 12k
M. Rosner's Morning Tones can be found here


Sound Spectrum Festival

Hello all

Tomorrow night I will be performing at Spectrum for the Sound Spectrum Festival. I am playing two sets, the first is a streaming performance collaborating with Griffith University in Brisbane, our node is called the Aletheia ensemble. Streaming in a loop is full of feedback and amazing sounds.

I will also be playing solo, in quadraphonic. Probably some no input mixer, theni will be playing guitar, and maybe vocals, processed by my computer. I haven't quite decided what I will do yet, but I am sure something will come to me.

Anyway just a brief update, I have applied for a residency at Radialsystem V in berlin for september. Let us all hope I get it.

I have patched max/msp all weekend long and my brain is fried.

Good night


Openess / No one.

Hello blog world,

It has been a while since I have spoken to you. I guess I've been busy, but mostly felt I didn't have enough to show for my work, or anything solid to upload.

University work has been great, but I want to put all these great ideas, compositional constructions and programming to use. I am on the brink of doing some things which I hope will be really great. I need to break out from these constraints.

I am going to try and record at least 40 minutes of works over the holidays and see about playing more shows and releasing something. It will be dreamy and devastating I hope.

Also I found out that my name spoken in German (keinen) means "No one". What a relief.

Shortly to come - scores, recordings, max patches for generating visuals, Finished works.

Tides Mvt1

Tides Mvt1

Movement 1 + 2 of my work for piano and laptop, diffused through 4 speakers. Enjoy.