Several weeks ago I was invited to play with Abe Sada, performing as part of the ADSA conference held at WAAPA. We set up in alcoves along a glass corridor, a mix between performance and installation. The audience walked around and through the space, and listened from down the hall and outside the glass while sipping their coffees and taking a relaxing break. Abe Sada is a group of 4 or more (up to 25) bass guitars, with scored instructions to play in a particular low range using particular techniques and sounds.

Photos courtesy of Andrew Ewing. Other performers - Predrag Delibasich, K-Ford and Jarryd Bird.

I have a very very busy month ahead! Upcoming performances -
04/08/09 - Club Zho 87: Axis 21 - New experimental and electronic chamber works.
21/08/09 - Ambassador from Everywhere 16, Live solo electronic performances w/ Kouhei Harada (Japan), Adam Trainer and Dan DiPaolo.
15/09/09 - Totally Huge New Music Festival: Breaking Out concert - New Music by emerging composers.