Japan Tour

Hello loyal friends!

This Sunday I leave for Japan for the first time, to complete my first tour as a solo artist. I am extremely excited to see how things go in a completely different world from the one I am in at the moment. I have eight shows all up -

KANSAI 4th – 8th
4th Hokage, Osaka
6th Socrates, Kyoto
8th Socio, Osaka

Tokyo 10th – 17th
10th Nanahari
11th (an) (s) arrangement – Otto Mainzheim Gallery
12th Qvirivsha
13th Special colors
14th Muzenji

I must thank Kouhei Harada, Go Tsushima and Harico very much for getting me all these great shows..... I am overwhelmed by their generosity.

I will have a tour EP to give out at these shows, titled Two Clouds, it features four tracks (23 minutes) of material that I have been working on over the last year and a half. It also features great artwork by Claire Krouzecky. I'll try to put this online as a free download soon, on the nearly completed kynantan.com.

See you in Japan!