In less than two weeks, on the 14th of September I will be performing in Breaking Out: Young Composers Concert as part of Tura's Totally Huge New Music Festival. This is at the Western Australian Museum and is an exciting ordeal.

The work I am going to be performing is Hypnogenia, for laptop processing of a video score. I created a max/MSP/Jitter patch which interprets any video or image into sound by locating it's largest objects, and transferring this information into pitch, density, playback position, spatialisation for a granular sound engine. I then made a bunch of videos in Jitter in order to create a musical score.

Here are some of the screenshots from the project (which is yet unfinished)

When the project is finished I plan to invite various visual artists or composers to make videos for the setup and have them arranged into a exhibition / installation. Also I hope to release the software as a stand alone application for everyone to have fun with.

More soon

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